Canadian Health Care Mall Spam Policy

We receive tons of emails that can be collectively summarized as follows: ‘I keep on receiving unwanted emails from Canadian Pharmacy / Canadian Health & Care Mall brand, and nothing seems to work to stop them. How does that sit with the company’s spam policy?’

Since this issue has quickly snowballed into a universal problem that everyone seemed to be able to relate to, we figured we might just as well start a detailed discussion for it. Click through to learn about the why’s and how’s of dealing with this abusive and unethical practice, as well as quick tips on some slam-dank techniques that will help you get rid of this pest once and for all.

Canadian Health & Care Mall Scam Alert

First of all, excuse us for dropping a little truth bomb: spamming is going to sneak into your daily life this way or another, no matter how reliable your mailbox spam filter is at doing its job. Once you let your email address float in online mailing systems, this scheisse is inevitable. It is fairly easy to hack into any service that collects users’ email addresses and consequently use this data for spam soliciting and other unethical purposes.

There is one way to avoid it, and it is to create a secondary email box for online shopping and services that require user registrations. Even if you receive a lot of junk email to that alias, it should create no problem, since you will only ever use it for shopping and registration confirmations.

When we busied ourselves with finding the reasons for all of your complaints, one of the first steps we took was to actually contact the management of Canadian Health & Care Mall and asking them directly if they are ready to take responsibility for wreathing this spamming havoc. The answer took us by surprise.

First off, the pharmacy’s officials expressed great concern and willingness to go all the way and find the roots of the problem. They explained that whenever a new profile is created with the first order placed with Canadian Healthcare Mall, the user can opt out of receiving newsletters, by checking out the traditional checkbox. If you inadvertently subscribed to mailing by overseeing this option, you can unsubscribe at any time from your personal cabinet at the online store. Now, here is where most fun of the fair begins, since the majority of complaining customers are not on the mailing list! Read on to discover what our investigation unearthed.

How come I receive Canadian Health & Care Mall emails I didn’t subscribe to?

So do you find yourself getting bombarded by ads and offers coming from someone naming themselves Canadian Health & Care Mall? Do not jump to quick conclusions. Our independent study revealed that customers who complain about spam messages from Canadian Pharmacy brands in their vast majority deal with identity theft. The links contained in such junk emails lead to some third-party resources that have the words ‘Canadian Pharmacy’ or ‘Canadian Health Care Mall’ in them, but actually are not related to the authentic drugstore.

It turns out that the Canadian Health Care Mall pharmacy brand reputation suffers damage in the first place whenever this identity theft occurs. Therefore, they encourage anyone who’s been exposed to this abominable practice to report any such activity directly to Canadian Health & Care Mall, or to our own email, and we will forward the details to CH&CM officials. Make sure you include such details as:

  • Spammer’s email address;
  • Your own email address (the one riddled with spamming);
  • The content and links contained in spam messages;
  • Specify the time period when you were spammed.

Canadian Health & Care Mall support will help you deal with this issue by checking if you are on their mailing list and unsubscribing you in case it was them who emailed you. They will also address the issue with spammers and the rogue pharmacy stealing their identity if that is the case, extirpating the problem once and for all.

Canadian Health and Care Mall Spam Blastoff

Here is what you can do in the meanwhile to get a quick fix for this extremely bothersome phenomenon:

  • Do not reply to junk messages or follow any links contained therein, even if they are positioned as ‘Unsubscribe’ links. This will only land you in more trouble still, cementing you as an alive and kicking recipient of all the hogwash soliciting. Spammers probe every email address they can lay their hands on in this way, sending out the radar waves and waiting for them to bounce off the targets – in this case, you. Go off this radar, and chances are that you will lose the tricksters once and for all.
  • Mark the unwanted emails as spam and see them drifting away into your junk mail to never resurface in your inbox.
  • Make it a rule to register with websites with your secondary email address in order to skip the risk of personal information theft and abuse.
  • Inform the official Canadian Health & Care Mall support team about any instances of unsolicited advertising. In this way you will attack the root of the problem, entrusting professionals to expertly address this sensitive matter.