Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is your resource about?

A: Canadian Health & Care Mall Reviews is a platform where all Canadian Pharmacy lovers can lover, and haters can hate. We collect information about this pharmacy with a highly resonant name, and verify the facts. Since there ever seems to be too much controversy swirling around the name of the Canadian Pharmacy brand, we thought we might just as well dedicate our resource to this extremely popular topic. We focus on Canadian Health & Care Mall customer feedback, and not only. Read on to learn how you can benefit from using our services.

Another phenomenon that we would like to direct your attention to is that there tend to surface a slew of complaints about each and every drugstore and other e-commerce (and IRL) players. This happens because the majority of happy customers have no need to speak up, unless they are so completely swept off their feed that they would like to compliment the retailer. Hence the need to understand that the number of unhappy shoppers is but a small fraction of the pharmacy’s clientele in its entirety. We are here to balance the things off.

We check every piece of information that we receive from customers, contacting the management of Canadian Healthcare Mall. Most commonly, those complaints are triggered by the two main factors: spam soliciting and payment issues. You can read more about those here.

Q: How are you related to Canadian Health&Care Mall?

A: We are not. We are an unbiased third-party resource that collects, checks and processes information from both customers of Canadian Health & Care Mall on one side, and the staff of Canadian Pharmacy customer support, on the other. We play as a mediator, bringing together the two worlds. At our website, you can meet your fellow-shoppers, discuss topical issues and, quite possibly, find quick solutions.

Q: How can you help me with my Canadian Health and Care Mall issues?

A: Sometimes it seems like it takes ages for the pharmacy staff to get back to your request email. We have close contacts with Canadian Health & Care Mall Customer Support. If you, for some reason, cannot break through, you can leave the detailed description of your problem with us, and we will make it happen. We will pass on your query to Canadian Healthcare support reps, and thus speed up the reply.

Q: Who writes Canadian Health Care Mall reviews at your website?

A: Anyone who has some shopping experience with Canadian Healthcare Mall can feel free to share it with us. Tell us about what you liked and what you didn’t, and in case you had issues with ordering, paying or receiving your order, or getting your questions answered by the pharmacy customer support – tell us about it! Other customers will greatly appreciate your contribution – sae as you can appreciate the contribution of others in case you are hesitant about placing an order with Canadian Pharmacy. Or maybe, you will find that someone experienced issues, similar to yours? Anyways, jump on board – we warmly welcome anyone to participate!

Q: Can I submit my Canadian Health and Care Mall Review?           

A: Sure you can! We encourage anyone who’s ever shopped with Canadian Health & Care Mall to leave their feedback. To do so, please follow the link on the home page that says Write A Review. You will get redirected to the Review composing page. Follow the basic guidelines that you will find there when sharing your Canadian Healthcare Mall shopping experience. Remember that your fellow customers will make decisions based on what you quip.

Q: Are Canadian Health Care Mall drugs fake or not?

A: Since this is the question that invariably comes up in one third of your emails to us, we figured we might just as well include this one in our FAQ page materials. We contacted the officials of Canadian Health & Care Mall to shed some spotlight on this highly sensitive matter. From contacting the management of the pharmacy, and then checking with the drugstore’s regular and one-time customers, we established that Canadian Health & Care Mall sells generic drugs that are neither fake nor counterfeit. The customers we contacted never issued a single complaint about the quality of medicines offered at the pharmacy. There are occasional complaints concerning spam policy and other minor issues, but never once we came across a grudge that would entail the poor quality of the products.

Q: Can you help me fix payment problems?

A: We can help you contact Canadian Healthcare Mall support representatives that will in their turn go to the core of the problem with the payment and find an efficient solution. In case of faulty delivery please consider the following: once the order has been paid for at Canadian Health Care Mall and confirmed, it gets dispatched within twenty-four hours’ period. Any delay in delivery, that occur very seldom, happen due to problems with the customs or the courier service. In such a case, you can contact the customer support through the ticket service. We will facilitate that the pharmacy appoints a customer support representative responsible for finding a solution for your problem in the best of your interests.

Q: Canadian Healthcare Mall Spam Policy

A: Since this seems to be the most frequent Canadian Health & Care Mall complaint with our readers, we focused on this particular shortcoming. Briefly though we can offer a quick fix: if you receive spam mail from someone claiming to represent Canadian Pharmacy, mark those messages as spam. This will make them bypass your incoming mail and go straight to a junk mail folder of your postal server without bothering you. Avoid following any links contained in such messages, even if they are positioned as unsubscribe links.

We filed an official query with Canadian Health & Care Mall to get the record straight once and for all. The officials of Canadian Healthcare Store insist that the policy of the company does not permit of spam soliciting in any form. Admittedly though, since Canadian Pharmacy is a very resonant name in the market, there are always malefactors ready to act illegally in the name of Canadian Health & Care Mall. It is the image of the pharmacy that suffers in the first place, and so the management of the company asks you to help them deal with this identity theft by letting them know about such instances.