Making Life & Treatment Easier with Canadian Health&Care Mall

When we get older, life should get easier, shouldn’t it? Yet things are quite the opposite these days: worries, troubles and health issues make us forget about peace and rest. What if Canadian Health&Care Mall can assist in coping at least with one bullet point?

Canadian Health&Care Mall is committed to offering all customers only best brands, qualities, features and prices. Our generic medications have already saved and keep saving lives of people, who live far beyond Canadian borders (Europe, Asia and South America). Be sure that no other online pharmacy is able to match our levels of customer service, price guarantees, shipping & delivery polices, return polices, discount and special offer programs, etc.

We are proud of the service that we have built. Patients, who trust us, are happy to have a reliable drug provider at hand. We may compromise on many things, yet not the best value, the most reliable service and the true care to every one of our customers and to each other.


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from General to Precise

Much is said about online drugstores these days. The first and foremost thing that comes to one’s mind is that ordering online is cheap. And it’s a general way for people to think… It’s a fact that saving a lot with an online drugstore is possible, no matter what medication you are buying. The policy of Canadian HealthCare Mall is based on the high quality principles, so at times the prices are higher. We believe that a wise saving is when a customer gets the best at a moderate, but not the lowest price. When the costs are minimal, the usual question sounds like ‘What are the ingredients then?’

Here at Canadian Health&Care Mall anyone can save from 70% to 80% on commonly used pills, or even more when it comes to ED pills. We never hide that ED treatment options are perhaps the most popular medications ordered. Men worldwide choose Viagra, Cialis or their alternatives to treat impotence whatever its cause is. We point out that our service provides generic versions only. And in our case ‘generic’ doesn’t stand for ‘less effective or of low quality’. Our generics are all FDA approved drugs from non-brand manufacturers, who didn’t spend millions of dollars on marketing. And that’s the only difference.

Everything WE DO

Is Legal

Canadian Health&Care Mall is a licensed server with customers from all over the world. Being one of the architects of Canadian pharmacies, we might have lost our essence through the years as so many new services appear every day. Yet we withstood the pressure and tough competition thanks to the main principles we keep to:

  • first we go with the highest quality, then with the prices. If the policy was a bit different, you could order the cheapest drugs and have doubts concerning their ingredients and safety. Having chosen the first-quality-then-price scheme, we were aware that prices would be higher, yet the safety and treatment course duration wouldn’t be open to question;
  • anonymity. People started and keep buying online because they want to remain anonymous. There’s hardly a service that ensures anonymity better than CHCM;
  • broad assortment. Anything and everything can be bought from Canadian Pharmacy Mall: antidepressants, ED pills, anti-diabetic medications, antibiotics, weight-loss pills, etc. Can’t find what you need? Contact us and we will consult our suppliers and add the medication to the list;
  • fast delivery. We use two different delivery methods allowing to choose right what you need within the limited time;
  • special offers and discounts in addition to reduced costs;
    individual approach to every customer.


a Wide Selection of Medications

Tempus fugit (lat.). We used to start with several positions and now offer hundreds of them. You can find whatever generic medication you’ve been looking for. It is provided by a licensed manufacturer and is surely FDA approved. Instead of ordering a whole pack, you can start with several pills just to find out whether they have any effect on you.

This is how most men do with ED pills. The magic tablets are known for being extremely expensive, but not at CHCM. With our commitment to providing affordable prices and excellent customer service, we’ve earned the trust of thousands of people worldwide. We invite you to join us and find out how you can start saving money without contributing to health risks.


a Healthcare Mission

At Canadian Health Care Mall we made it our mission to provide affordable, safe and convenient access to quality generic products. Over the years the mission turned into service’s lifestyle and the goal of each team member.

Today we carry a pretty extensive inventory of products and use a broad network of suppliers to ensure cost savings no matter what medication you are about to order. We are proud of providing personal, prompt and convenient service that is expected from any local pharmacy.


Extensive Plans

Continuous motion and development are the keys of success and exceptional experience. We differ from other online pharmacies, offering a lot more than they do and intend to offer even more in future. Our pharmacists and professional team members participate in researches, advanced educational courses and trainings to ensure that our service is customized to your individual needs.

Whatever health changes were faced, every patient should know that along with family support Canadian HealthCare Pharmacy Mall is always there for him. We guarantee the medications you need along with fast and safe delivery, personal approach and special offers that will rejoice one’s heart.